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The Front Of Armament

The Front Of Armament (T.F.O.A) are a biker gang that have been in circulation for many years. Currently in its 7th Generation, Armament members are recognized by the signature skull worn on their backs. Gang hierarchy is relegated to that of a Head, Vice-Head and officers. As per group law, when a current Head steps down or leaves The Armament for any reason, all members who follow him are to also step aside and make way for a new generation of leadership. In most cases future Generation leaders are already actively involved with gang activities even during a current Heads term.


                        Takeda Kousei                                    Yanagi Shinji


Under the leadership of Takeda Kousei, the 5th Generation of Armament was its strongest incarnation yet. Due to a life threatening illness however, Kousei was forced to leave the gang in order to receive an operation.


                      Kawachi Tesshou                                 Kiyohiro Yoshimi


As a 5th Generation member of T.F.O.A, Kawachi Tesshou caused more than his fair share of headaches. Young and brash, he created many enemies including fellow Armament members. After Takeda Kousei was forced to step down, Tesshou stepped up to fulfill his role as The Armament's 6th Head. Still sharp witted as ever, this newfound responsibility would change Tesshou's surley disposition. Resolving disputes amongst rival gangs and responsible for breaking a multi-gang cease-fire, Tesshou's actions became widely known and his name ultimately revered. Just when the 6th Generation seemed as though it would succeed all previous incarnations, their reign was cut short due to a tragic accident.


                        Murata Shougo                                  Fujishiro Takumi


During the leadership of The 6th, a man known as Murata Shougo was already in line to bear the next Generation of leadership. Close friends with previous Head Kawachi Tesshou and younger brother to 4th Generation Vice-Head Murata Juuzou, Shougo was already fully versed in gang politics. Although it would take Shougo a period of time to adapt and fully accept this newfound responsibility, when he was finally sworn in by the 6th's Vice-Head Kiyohiro Yoshimi, he was more than ready. The 7th Generation are still in their fledgling years, but certain to rise to the top of Armament history as perhaps the strongest yet.


President: Yamauchi Taichirou


Originally part of the Five Nations Cease-fire and up until it's termination by The Armament's Kawachi Tesshou were still bound by the agreement. On the brink of war with a gang called Black Marked Tigers, Yamauchi asked that Tesshou step in to resolve the conflict before the situation escalated. Upon learning one of their fledgling members, Ikeda Ryou, had betrayed the group by playing part in an attempt to start a war with the Black Marked Tigers, President Yamauchi retired. Claiming to be disenchanted with the state of today's gangs Yamauchi left to settle down and raise a family. Wada Masayoshi and fellow Hyakki member are currently in dispute over who will succeed him as President.

Black Marked Tigers

Head: Harumoto Shigeo
Vice-Head: Honma Yoshikatsu


Originally part of a larger group known as Back-Teria and one of the original members of the Five Nations Cease-fire. Before the truce was called off by 6th Generation Head of Armament Kawachi Tesshou, Black Marked Tigers were bound by the agreement and to date remain on good terms with The Armament.

Recently, as part of Hisashi Amachi's master plan, fledgling members of Kyakki as well those within Black Marked Tigers' ranks attacked its Head Harumoto Shigeo in an attempt to instigate a full on war between the two gangs. Thanks to the detective work of the Armament, the situation was diffused. Currently the Tigers are led by Honma Yoshikatsu while Harumoto recovers from his injuries.


Originally called Skeleton, Shikabane were one of the original gangs involved in the Five Nations Cease-fire. Currently Shikabane are experiencing infighting amongst their group and also suspected of meeting with gang leaders from another prefecture.

Jet Black Scorpion

The Jet Black Scorpion were originally part of a larger group known as Back-Teria. After splitting up into three separate groups, what later was known as Jet Black Scorpion became ordinary street thugs resorting to intimidation and violence. Jet Black Scorpion were originally led by a man named Yamamoto who later left the gang to run an honest business. With their Head gone and many of its main members in jail, the Scorpion were on the verge of disbanding. Intending to go out with a bang, two of its members, also former students of Suzuran, Kamata Hisashi and Tamara Tomohito each took control of individual teams and began wreaking havoc on the city. After a series of unprovoked attacks all of Suzuran banded together in full force to hunt the Scorpion. Suzuran eventually tracked down the gang and took out most of its numbers including Kamata and Tamara. Those that remained were middle school members who were later recruited by Maezono Satoru into Amachi's Army.

In its current state, Jet Black Scorpion are led by Uchida Kouji, but in truth Amachi retains control. Members were last seen working with another group of mercenaries hired by Amachi called the KKK Demons. Their combined attempt to storm T.F.O.A headquarters was an utter failure.

Hades Owls

Originally part of a larger group known as Back-Teria. A few years after the Five Nations Cease-fire agreement, Back-Teria split into three separate groups. What became known as Hades Owls in now lead by Hirano Kunimasa. Recently the Owls started a conflict with The Armament after Mitsuki Kunihiko instigated an attack in the Armament's name. Before the situation could escalate, 7th Generation Vice-Head Fujishiro Takumi requested that Head of the Black Marked Tigers step in as mediator to end the dispute.


Originally part of the Five Nations Cease-fire. When one of Kyouya's leaders, Terakado, attacked an old school mate of The Armament's Murata Shougo, Shougo retaliated by putting Terakado in the hospital. Upon learning of theses events, President Ishikawa Takashi too retaliated against The Armament. In order to resolve the dispute Kawachi Tesshou and Shougo attended a meeting under the supervision of Hyakki Head Yamauchi in order to sort things out. At said meeting the 6th Head of the Armament, Kawachi Tesshou, broke the cease-fire pact that was created so many years ago. He claimed the truce had left everyone dull and unaware of the events around them.