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Kadoya: Transferred to Housen and challenged King Joe (responsible for the scar on his nose). Later used by Joe to attack Zetton.
Kagawa Kazuya: (AKA Gaga) Member of Amachi's Army. Former student of Oka Mid and friends with Muroto Koumei. Famous for being a dangerous son of a bitch.
Kagawa Takashi: 6th Generation officer of The Front Of Armament.
Kai Yasunori: Member of the 5th generation of The Front Of Armament.
Kamata Hisashi: Former student of Suzuran and member of the street gang Jet Black Scorpion. Participated in the assault on Butcher at the train station. Has a past with Harada Tokio.
Kanayama Jou: (AKA King Joe) Upon defeating the the younger of the Bitou Brothers, Hideyuki, in his freshmen year, King Joe became the undisputed ruler of Housen and reigned unopposed for years. Considered the strongest man in Housen's history. Passed leadership to the Moonlight Brothers after losing the war with Suzuran. One of the "Big Four".
Kanbe Yoshikatsu: (AKA Butcher) Although defeated by Guriko during his semester's Freshmen War, Butcher went on to become the leader of his own faction, the FBI (Fantastic Butcher Ichiban). Recent graduate of Suzuran, his faction remains to this day.
Kataoka Kouji: Officer of the 6th generation of The Front Of Armament. Badly beaten by Kyouya members after being mistaken for Shougo.
Katou Hideyoshi: Leader of the Hideyoshi Faction. Lost to Zetton in his First Year War. Headed for Tokyo after graduation.
Katsutoshi Ebana: Student at Housen.
Kawachi Tesshou: 6th Head of The Front Of Armament. Troublesome and outspoken during his 5th generation years, Tesshou would eventually become one of its most respected members. Headstrong and dedicated. Faced Guriko three times.
Kawahara: Housen student beat up by Suzuran's Noma Daigo, Itou, and Kawajira. Later attacked Masa in retaliation, for which he and several other Housen students were thrashed by Hideyoshi in response.
Kawahara Ayumi: See Sugiura Ayumi.
Kawaji Koukichi: Member of the 5th generation of The Front Of Armament.
Kawajiri: Junior of Noma Daigo. Beat up three Housen students in an alley which triggered a series if events that would eventually start the war between Suzuran and Housen.
Kawamura: One of the Kyouya members that attacked Shougo's old friend, Yuutarou.
Kazuya Mashima: Sophomore at Housen and picked by King Joe to represent the sophomores during the battle at Monster's Forest. Responsible for the scar on Kazumitsu's face after pulling a blade on him during a previous fight back in middle school.
Kikutani Shuuji: Head of the First Branch of the Zeniya Family.
Kim Hyongan: T.F.O.A member and close friends with fellow Armament members Murata and Akira.
Kiyohiro Yoshimi: T.F.O.A 6th Generation Vice-Head beside Kawachi Tesshou. Previously despised Tesshou until their fight to determine who would lead the Armament. They became close friends shortly after.
Kobayashi Ichizen: (AKA Zen) 7th Generation Member of The Front Of Armament. After losing to Shougo in a fight, Shougo later used the opportunity to introduce Zen to Tesshou.
Kobayashi Kenshou: Member of group of wanabe Yakuza known as the "KKK Demons". Hired by Amachi to take down The Armament.
Kobayashi Masanari: (AKA Masa) Close friend of Katou Hideyoshi. Moved to Tokyo after graduation.
Kuroiwa Kazushi: Student at Rindow High and member of Amachi's Army.
Kurosawa Kazumitsu: Considered a lone wolf, Kazumitsu never joined a faction while enrolled at Suzuran. Challenged Guriko in their First Year War, but was defeated. Would later become close friends with Guri and often referred to as his right hand man. Graduate of Suzuran.
Kuwahara Nobuaki: Former student of Kurotaki Industrial and friend of Takumi. Has a bad memory of being kicked into a pool during winter by Sakota Takefumi while in middle school. Now a member of T.F.O.A.